Matra - a DTD parser

It started in '99 when I started representing the DTD structures that I was working on in a Tree format. When I felt the need to automate the generation of the DTDTree, I could not find a suitable DTD parser ... so I wrote my own. Find it at Matra DTD Parser.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Matra Site: More dtdtrees.

Added two more sample dtdtrees to the Matra web site - Protein Sequence Database Markup Language and Microarray Gene Expression Database Markup Language.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Matra Project Site Redesign.

I modified the Matra project site along the lines of the Kaprekar project site ... and it was a breeze! The whole change was done in an hour or two!

So the Matra site no longer has any frames and still retains a navbar - a dotted one that doesn't have the no-scroll problem. The site uses CSS. An the pages are php based.

I reused the tempate and CSS from the Kaprekar site with a few minor modifications.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

MathML dtdtree.

And yeah ... I created the MathML DTDTree yesterday and posted it on the Matra web site. Click on "Sample dtdtrees" on the left navbar and then on the MathML section in the content frame.

Matra 0.8.2b Released.

I released a new version of Matra yesterday night and posted it to freshmeat today.

This is a minor bugfix release of Matra. A few bugs related to parsing within conditional sections have been dealt with. The DTDTree has been added/updated for the following DTDs: MARC, SVG, Reach, Gutenberg, and MathML.

The version is named Matra 0.8.2b. You can get more information on Matra from the Matra web site. Click on the download link on the left navigation bar to download Matra.

Monday, May 17, 2004

New MARC dtdtrees.

I regenerated the dtdtrees for the updated MARC dtds using Matra and placed them in the Matra project website ( These dtds now no longer have orphan elements.


MARC dtds.

I recently notified MARC about a problem with their dtds [ MARC Authority/Classification Record and
MARC Bibliographic/Holdings/Community Information Record].
Man! They are fast. They have incorporated the changes already!

I'll regenerate the dtdtrees and post it on my site.